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Quality Policy

It is the policy of Kampala Cement Company limited to manufacture and supply quality cement for the building industry. A key way to strategically position ourselves as the market leader in Uganda... Read more

Environmental Policy

Kampala Cement Company Ltd. recognizes environmental protection as one of our guiding principles and a key component of sound business performance. We are committed to providing quality cement... Read more

Occupational health & safety

Kampala Cement Co. Ltd. strives to be a healthy and safe environment workplace. To achieve this, the Company has established and is maintaining an Occupational Health and Safety... Read more

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Our Nyati brand
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Our Kifaru brand
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Our Ndovu brand
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Our Supercrete brand
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We strive to be the largest manufacturer of Cement through employing a professionally trained work force, who always endeavor to work as a team and provide the highest quality cement brands/products to the building industry in East African Community and beyond while employing the most appropriate technology to conserve the environment and enhance our interested parties’ health and safety.

To grow our market, share and satisfy interested parties' requirements through a quality based process approach that ensures healthy and safety of employees, needs of shareholders, suppliers, the community, environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.

Our aim is to:

  • Create a dedicated and self-motivated work force with total integrity;
  • Identify and address needs of all interested parties;
  • Enhance shareholders returns through maximizing efficiency and reliability;
  • Protection of environment and conservation of natural resources.
  • Prevention of Injury and ill health to employees and other stakeholders.
  • Explore new business opportunities to achieve global presence.

IMS Strategies to achieve the aims: We are committed to improve the quality, environment and occupational health & safety management systems, prevent pollution to the environment and promote good health and safety performance by achieving the following:

  • IMS Objectives: Setting measurable IMS objectives that meet the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007;
  • Legal, Statutory and regulatory Compliance: Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements for Product quality, Environmental conservation and Occupational health and safety;
  • Organization, Responsibility and Authority: All sections must have a team member on Environment, Health and Safety Committee; EHS teams are responsible for identifying and monitoring all significant environmental aspects and impacts as well as occupational health and safety hazards generated from our operations. Line Managers and the EHS Coordinator have authority to send out from the plant any employee, contractor or visitor not complying with environment, health and safety regulations;
  • Reporting and Communication: All Policies, SOPs, OMs, MUST be communicated to all Interested Parties. Incidents / accidents, non-conformities and Emergency situations must be investigated by the EHS teams and reported to the IMS Team Leader for communication to top management regularly;
  • Training and awareness: All Interested Parties, managers, employees, contractors as well as customers must be trained of product use and safe handling, addressing significant environmental aspects, impacts as well as health and safety risks at their work environments/processes;
  • Protective wear and Emergency response: Interested Parties should dress in mandatory protective gears for each work station at the shop floor. In case of fire, all employees must assemble at the designated Fire Assembly points;
  • Measurement: Continually improve the suitability of QMS, EMS and OHS by conducting internal and external audits to assess the IMS system developed on a process approach.

We continually strengthen every ones’ commitment to satisfy interested parties needs in the most cost effective and efficient way by ensuring that management behavior, image, communication   and recognition systems reflect the norms and values that   support  environment conservation, occupational health and safety management, integrity and continual improvement.

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